About the Blog

MartinYau.org is a blog that aims to provide analysis of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions for the average reader.

M&A analysis are often difficult to read and difficult to understand to the average reader.

I will provide analysis that will be succinct and easy to understand.

I will analyse the transactions quickly by using the following simple tools:

  • Shareholder Value at Risk (SVAR) is the percentage of the buying company’s value is at risk of being lost if the combination of does not realise any post-acquisition synergy.
  • Premium at Risk shows the percentage of the selling shareholders’ premium they have pledged is at risk of being lost if no synergy is realised.
  • Anticipating the market’s initial reaction.  This represents the difference between present value of synergies and the acquisition premium.  The formula is Value Change = Present Value of Synergies – Acquisition Premium. Many believe this tool offers better predictive results than the M&A earnings accretion/dilution analysis.
  • Post-announcement analysis. This analysis basically updates the first two metrics after the deal is announced and the market has reacted. This forecasts the buying and selling shares after the transaction is complete.

I will occasionally provide more detailed analysis using the resources from Macabacus since these take significantly longer to produce.

I believes this mission will help technology firms develop their products and services through the mergers and acquisitions sector, set the analysis on fire and have readers feeling lit up. MartinYau.org aims to be the top global M&A blog in terms of readership.

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